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Truth About   Autism

Autism IS not what you have been led to believe!                    Autism IS a poisoning!  Autism IS treatable!

Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior

Toxic Heavy Metals and Autism Spectrum Disorder; Is There a Link??!!!  (Click to read the study)

Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology

Association Between Mercury  And Autism: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis

Clinica Chimica Acta (Science Direct) 

Thimerosal:  Clinical, Epidemiologic And Biochemical Studies (Click to read the study)

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Dr. Buttar’s Congressional testimony with full supportive documentation consisting with over 1,000 pages of supporting documentation with full testimony. This is key information.

“Autism: A Multi-System Oxidative and Inflammatory Disorder” initially published in response to a JAMA call for papers, published in the private health publication “Townsend Letter”

A retrospective study submitted to Lancet (British Medical Journal) looking at the correlation between detoxification of heavy metals and benefits of removal experienced by those undergoing treatment.

This short minidocumentary on Dr. Buttar’s eldest son Abie provides the motivation behind all that happened.  As Dr Buttar likes to quote, “desperation is the mother of all innovation”

An overview webinar of the real issues behind autism and practical suggestions that can help such as rewarding desired behavior. Must register at (FREE).

Video of Rep. Bill Posey calling for investigation on CDC’s MMR research fraud.  Whistle blower Dr. Bill Thompson’s testimony is included.

The use of the measles virus to treat incurable cancer shows the measles outbreak is clearly over-exaggerated.  Use of measles virus without showing signs of the disease, clearly shows the current paranoia about measles is just propaganda.

10,000 CDC files delivered to Dr. Brian Hooker and Congressman Bill Posey by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson.  This article has files containing omitted data before the CDC deviated from their analysis.

A woman with an incurable cancer goes into remission, thanks to a highly concentrated dose of the measles virusUse of measles virus without showing signs of the disease, clearly shows the current paranoia about measles is just propaganda.  If anything, exposure to measles may help train and improve immunity.

Mumps/MMR vaccine fraud lawsuit.

Major CDC publisher guilty of fraud!

Another self-explanatory article.  

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