Autism is a neurological disorder that triggers a many behavioral problems like social interaction skills, verbal or non-verbal communications and even hearing disorders. The high functioning Autism is normally related to Asperger Syndrome. It is noted that persons with high functioning Autism have a pretty normal IQ level but do show distinct differences on their behaviors on few aspects.

They normally take interests in some topics and would like to indulge in monologues on those topics. They show clear irritation if they are interrupted in the process of their monologues. They tend to get boring because they do not really appreciate social interactions. They are unable to concentrate and take a lot of information at one stretch. They tend to break down when subjected to focus on certain information for a long time.

In spite of the fact that the patients with high functioning Autism look normal, it is pretty evident that they will need to take some professional help to keep themselves stabilized during the moments of volatile state of mind.

The child with high functioning Autism normally shows interests in certain things and will be persistent that others will need to listen to their interests and accept their point of view. In simple words, they have strong points of interests and yet they have a narrow sense when it comes to accepting external inputs on those interests. They are totally mindset with their beliefs and will not expect or agree someone to contradict them. They give a feeling that they have blocked their mind from any new inputs and will strongly oppose it. This make them totally not accepted socially and also the other way round. They will sound totally unreasonable most of the times.

They would even adopt anti social behaviors like sneering or spitting when it comes to not agreeing to their point of view. Now again it is difficult to interpret this disorder and recognize if the person is abnormal or not with these behaviors since they look and behave normal otherwise.

It is obvious that they have strong interests in various topics but they become very unreasonable when it comes to disusing them. They will go on and on about their interests even if it means that the listener is bored of listening to them. It makes it sound like they are very adamant about their false beliefs at times.

There has been seen a significant increase in the autism effected people in fields which require higher scientific specializations. They look very normal in their appearance. People with high functioning Autism normally complain that the others are not behaving like they want them to behave which leads to poor social skills.

Though some believe that the high functioning Autism is genetic disorder, there hasn’t been substantial proof or family history to show there were disorders.