How Can I Know if My Child is Autistic?

Autism is a mental disorder seen in children in the developmental age of 3. The kids show symptoms like repetitive behaviors and lack the social skills. They isolate themselves from other and sit in a corner lost in their own thoughts. They do not respond to the social interaction. This even gives an impression that they are mute or deaf.

Lack of Speech

The autism is a disorder which can be seen in the children. They do not speak a word till they are 16 months old. They do not speak even small sentences till they are 3 and they simply do not smile. They even fail to move their faces or even respond when their names are called out by their parents and the family. They get very irritated when exposed to sharp light or loud sounds. They tend to weep profusely if exposed to these conditions. They do tend to injure themselves when cuddled or hugged. They are hyper sensitive towards the touch. These are sure shot symptoms of the children with autism.

No Smiles, No Laughs

They do not respond to the social communication and do not interpret humor. They do not smile of laugh. These children are not deaf or mute. It is just that that they do not understand how to respond to the social communication. The rate of growth in the autistic kids is very alarming. The increase in the pollution is suspected to growth of the rate of autistic children.

Repetitive Physical Actions

These kids do repetitive physical actions like flapping their arms or running around in circles. They tend to walk on their toes and tend to bang their heads on the floor. They do not have proper body equilibrium and often end up injuring themselves. But they resort to isolation most of the time and will not react to the happenings around them. They fail to empathize when something serious is told to them and they fail to even recognize humor.

Medication Options

The earlier detection of the disorder in the children would be the best thing to happen to these types of kids. They can be diagnosed and introduced to medication or a series of medication. Many parents prefer to give herbal treatments to their kids. This reduces the risks of side effects in the children. There are body massages meant to help these kids. Many medicines like anti depressants or anti anxiety will stabilize the kids in the volatile situations. Most of the medicines introduced are meant to stabilize the condition rather than permanent cure. Proper parenting and affection is a vital ingredient to help the kids cope with their disability.

Other Help

There are special schools and therapies to help these kinds of children to be more confident and understand the social interaction much better. It is better than subjecting these kids to excessive medication. All the medication given to the children has to be strictly with doctor’s prescription and has to be given only in proper dosages.