Autism is a disorder seen in children at the age of 3. Even though the symptoms are dominant at the age of 3 it starts developing in the kids much before that. It is difficult for the parents to understand on detect this disorder because the infant is too young to analyze their social skills. But the sooner the disorder is found in the children the better it is for that particular child. The autistic people are very normal in their appearance and looks. It is just that they lack the social skills and are unaware of how to react to the social interaction.

There are many special school, institutions and therapies that could give the kids more confidence to go on and lead a normal life in the future. The earlier detection of the disorder in the kids can make it happen. The autistic kids do posses a good IQ level. It is sometimes even better than the normal people. There are people who have gone on to become famous in their lives in various fields who had shown autistic traits in their childhood. Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein are the classic examples of these cases. These are the people who have made scientific breakthroughs which have immensely helped the mankind. These are great people and the teachings they have given us is still the base for all the technological developments of the modern day.

Isaac Newton and Alexander Graham Bell are also the all time greats to have shown the autistic traits in their early years. The Laws of Newton are the rule of the thumb to all the people specializing in physics even today. The discovery of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell is one of the most important communication devices to most of the people in this world.

It is not just that the autistic people have ruled the scientific world. There are immensely talented people like Woody Allen and Keanu Reeves who had experienced milder version of Autism in their childhood days. Even huge industrialists like Bill Gates and Henry Ford had overcome autism or learnt to cope with it and made a huge contribution to this world. Microsoft is one of the biggest organizations which rule the information technology today.

There are many authors and actors and lot of people in various fields who have gone on to become famous. The list could go on and on.

This is good news to the autistic people who would want to go on and lead normal lives in their futures. Autism needn’t mean end of the world to them. It would require them to put in lot of efforts with the help of their families and friends and overcome autistic disorders in their lives. Medication with proper prescriptions and proper dosage along with proper therapies and massages can help the people overcome or cope up with the disorders and go on to lead their normal lives.