Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is often detected in children aging between 3-10 years of age. It is also known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs). The babies suffering from ASD are usually unresponsive to people. The children suffering from ASD exhibit a wide range of variations in physical, mental and social behaviors. It is found in the kids above 3 years. However, it is been developing in the children before that.

Due to the fact the children develop better social skills after the age of 3 makes the symptoms more obvious to the parents and the close family first. However, if the parents are aware of the symptoms in kids below the age of 3, it would be the best possible help for the kid.

The best treatment given to the children is to have the disorder diagnosed at the early stages. The sooner the better it is.

There are a few signals of the kid’s behaviors which could alert the parents to take professional help. The children with this disorder normally wouldn’t say a word till they are about 16 months old. They will be unable to combine 2 words or form a sentence till they are 2 years old. They wouldn’t move or turn their faces when their names are called. This could be mistaken for deafness. It could be autism and not deafness where the kid is experiencing the lack of social skills in the early stages. The kids might not show interests or play with the toys given to them. They might even pick one toy or object and could be overly obsessive about that as well.

ASD can be stabilized in the child based on the decision of the parents. There are treatments available or even a series of treatments which needs to be introduced to the child. The treatments would include Anti depressants, Stress relievers, body massages and so on. However, the treatments will be more effective if they are included with important ingredients of love, understanding and affection.

The medications will be a combination of many things normally focusing on symptoms shown by the child. The medication will also depend on which symptom will be dominant at that period of time.

Most of the medicines introduced to the child will be more of a stabilizer than the total cure. The kids will need help from the symptoms from time to time. The prescribed drugs need to be taken strictly with prescription and according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Excessive usage of medication would prove fetal to the child. Also long term treatment of certain drugs could be dangerous.

Many parents opt for the herbal medicine since they could reduce the risk of the side effects. There are special schools and special help for the children with ASD. These institutes help the child to cope with the disorder symptoms and give them more confidence to lead a normal life. They help with the gradual improvement in the child.