Autism Research

Autism is a complex genetic disorder associated with three major symptoms related to socialization, communication and behavioral patterns. There are plenty of research being done related to this complicated mental disorder and every time there is a new study published. It is actually a combination of mental disorders like deafness and mental retardation. Autism is a non progressive developmental disorder which is really acute in its own way. Lot of research is being done to find out if it is the genes that cause this typical disorder. Finding these gene(s) will provide the exact reason of this disorder and will help the medical world to come up with a better diagnostic and treatment module.

There are top researchers from different parts of the world getting involved in finding out the gene causing it. Usually they check the DNA of the autism and of the other family members and try to compare the generic material between each member. Researchers conduct an interview with the family members whoever are interested to confirm this diagnosis for autism. This interview is termed as Autism Diagnostic Interview. The variations in the symptoms make it all the more difficult for come to some specific conclusion.

Researches have developed that there has been a considerable improvement in autism if diagnosed at an early stage. Studies show that the brain size of an autistic child has much more volume than the ones without it. These have been proved by the MRI scans done on few autistic children and adults with normal people. This outgrowth is found in certain sections of the brains and there again a lot of variations is discovered.

It has been noticed that this disorder is more in males as compared to females. Recent studies have shown that the major cause of autism is gene on X-chromosome. The X-chromosome is the prominent male chromosome. Studies were implemented on many families and the output of the result shows that it is carried by fathers to a male child with autism. Further studies are being done on similar grounds and journals are being published based on the research. It is very important to first diagnose if the genetic disorder is autism or something else. Specific tests confirm disorder and accordingly the medication is suggested.

There have been researches conducted of autoimmunity, diet, genetic cause, behavioral sciences, psychiatry and even the tissue activity, for the cause of autism. The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) is an organization dealing with all the researches and advancing knowledge of this mental disorder. There has been a journal published by them named as Autism Research. This new journal includes the important findings and has focused on basic genetic, neurobiological and physiological mechanism. Many more findings to come and further researches are being conducted worldwide by renowned universities and panel of medical experts.