How would you define Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder or you can call it a developmental disability which starts from the age three. The reason for it being call neurological disorder is because it has somehow damaged the function of the brain, due to that a child with autism faces many problems like unable to respond to situations, communication problems and so on.

Asperger syndrome is one of the milder autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). It is characterized by psychological abnormalities which normally effect the social interaction with people. However, the disorders affect each individual in a different manner. They do not react to the disorder in the same manner. It could be a baby would have difficulty in expressing things and we could find it difficult to understand what the child is trying to say. In some cases the baby will be totally isolated in its own thoughts and will not react to our communication. I some cases the child wouldn’t simply smile or laugh.

The world is experiencing the increase in autism at an alarming rate and the percentage is increasing at a shocking rate of more than 10% every year. The studies show that boys are more likely to be affected by Autism than the girls. The medications so far are more like mood stabilizing rather than a permanent kind of cure.

Obviously the reaction should by the affected children is almost unique with the challenges they face with this illness. It is rather a difference rather than a disorder since they would look normal yet the behavioral changes will be felt by the ones near them.

If you think that the you kid is different from the other kids in terms of response to normal stimulus or in terms of social interaction, it would be best advisable to seek professional help. There is no specific cure as such for the Asperger syndrome. However, proper treatment can really show some significant improvements in the behaviors.

According to few studies, there could be external influences like pollution and digestive issues which could trigger the disorder in children. There are some medications involved to stabilize the disorder to some extent. However, there are no complete cures and they will give a temporary relief when the situation looks like it could get out of hand. This treatment could prove decisive at that particular moment since more that finding the cause, the primary requirement would be to stabilize the child.

A lot of traditional and herbal cures are advertised to help the child with mood stabilization and to overcome the moments when it would be unbearable for the kid to handle the disorder. The herbal medicines are predicted to have lesser side effects than the modern day medicine in this case like in many others.

There could be violent reactions shown by the children like screaming and kicking which the parents will find it difficult to handle. It would be best to consult a doctor than to brush it aside thinking that the situation could get better on its own.