Autism Causes

There is no known unique cause of autism since many individuals react in different ways to this disorder.. Experts say that it is caused due to genetic disorder and but it is still unclear whether it is caused due to the genes. In a very surprising study a noted doctor has given the reason of autism as bad parenting. This has generated awareness amongst parents and they are now taking extra care and steps to improve parenting skills. Autism is said have many causes and predominantly genetic cause is the main issue. For example two mono-zygotic twins (identical twins) have high chances of getting it as compared to di-zygotic (fraternal twins). Lot of research confirms that four to twenty genes cause autism in children. However, at the moment focus is on identifying the gene that causes autism. One of the cause of autism as an outcome of research is depression or dyslexia. It is not natural for the child to develop depression.

Evidences are also seen in case of a virus affecting and causing autism but the evidences do not give a concrete reasons to confirm the fact. Risk is always involved in having an autistic child when there is exposure to rubella during first trimester of pregnancy. The suspect virus which causes autism is called cytolomegalo. Also there is a rising increase of chances of getting autism during vaccinations. Vaccines like measles and MMR may cause autism. The mercury content in the vaccinations has been suspected to cause autism. Excessive ultrasounds during pregnancy or use of any other electronic device may cause autism. Terbutaline is a drug that is been given to pregnant women during pre-labor. Studies have revealed that increased intake of terbutaline may cause autism in twins. There are a lot of theories on this subject. But it is very difficult to establish a confirmation since the symptoms also show a lot of variations.

High rate of pollution and toxicity in the atmosphere can lead to autism as well. This could very well explain the alarming increase in the rate of autism in children every year. Environment pollution has been playing a major role for increasing mental disorders and other diseases. Modern medicines have been affecting individuals and very mysteriously shown anguishing results. The side effects could be a combination of medication mixed with the pollution intake. Research results in USA show that 1 out of 170 children fall under autism spectrum. Earlier the ratio used to be 1 kid in 2500.

Researchers have found that chromosomal abnormalities cause autism. This is four times common in boys than girls. The main reason is genetic disorder and many a times it is due to mental retardation. Most of the Down syndrome cases fall in autism spectrum. Since autism is a brain disorder, it can be also caused due to lack of oxygen, head injuries or infections and even jaundice. Lack of proper nutrients may lead to autism. There are antigens which damage cells and genetic codes which might cause malfunctioning of the cells leading to autism. No proper cause has been determined for this chronic disorder. Further constant researches are being conducted to find the root cause and cure for this disorder.