There have been debates about the topic if vaccines have any association with Autism. In spite of unavailability of the scientific evidence of the connectivity with autism and vaccines, some parents still feel that there are reasons enough to be debating on this connection. There are some regulatory agencies who hare still researching to find the connection.

There have also been theories that some vaccines like measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. There are theories that Autism could be caused by the vaccines containing mercury compounds in them. Autism is the disorder connected with brains, and immune system. The children show effects of this disorder after the age of 3.

The reason for this disorder is not really known. However the relationship of Autism with vaccines id creating doubts in some parents. The autism in the world is increasing at a very alarming rate. The research shows that a lot of Autism patients are subjected to chemical toxicity. Most of the chemicals are related to mercury and aluminum. These metals compounds are common essentials in may types of vaccines. Could this mean that the vaccines the kids are subjected to before they become 3 years old become the reason to cause Autism in them?

Many parents have reported the start of Autism in their children after the administration of the normal vaccines before they become 3 years old. They normally affect the movement disorders like clumsiness, walking on their toes, walking difficulties, sitting, and difficulties with eating while chewing and swallowing. Not only this, the kids found difficulties with physical disabilities, speaking disabilities and even behavioral disabilities. Visual disorders and hearing disorders have also been reported.

The effects have been established in a number of ways and that makes it even more difficult to find the root causes of the disorders. The reasons behind the disorders are not really known which makes it a even scary prospect. The work part is that it is suspected that at least 1 out of 150 kids will face this disorder. This connection has caused serious issues that the government has actually been faced with the question of the cause of the disease.

In some cases it is evident that the issue or the question has been tried to be suppressed from getting out to the media. The question is why the vaccines effect a certain kids and which vaccines could be possibly be the reason for this dreaded connection? Is Autism the side effect of the vaccines the children are subjected to?

There arises another question if the Autism has been checked with percentage relating to the kids who have been vaccinated and to those who haven’t been vaccinated. There are thousands of families who strongly believe that Autism is caused by the vaccines to which their kids are subjected to.

This mystery about this question is still unsolved and will be a factor which will need to be further probed in order to save our future generation from this disorder.