History of Autism
The history of Autism goes way back to the early years of the 20th century where the autism was noticed in children. However, the actual confirmation on the disorder was established in the sixties. In the initial stages of the discovery of this disorder it was termed to be related to schizophrenia. The American Society of Autism which was founded in 1965 is extensively doing the research of getting more information on this disorder found in infants aged around 30 months. The rise in Autism is noticed at a very alarming rate. There is a rise in more than 10% in the children with Autism every year. According to some reports it even mentions that Autism could be side effects of all the vaccinations the children are injected with.
Autism is a developmental disability that comes from a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. They look normal like any other people. But they would absolutely not involve themselves with the social behaviors. They preferred sitting in the corner and lose themselves in their own private thoughts. They did not know how to react to the verbal and non-verbal communication. They used to do some repeated physical gestures and were very awkward in their movements. They used to injure themselves with this process many a times.
The reason for autism cannot be confirmed as a hereditary issue due to various hypothesis presented by various researchers. Autism is not a new disease. It was founded seen in the forties and the disordered kids were considered as metal retards and were subjected to the medication which was as touch as putting them behind the bars. They were not sure about how to deal with the autism case then. They used to give them heavy sedation medication to keep them in control.
There are studies on Autism and the number of kids with the disorders is seen mostly with the kids with fathers above the age of 40 than compared to kids with their fathers above the age of 30. However the genetic reason for the cause of this disorder cannot be completely overlooked. It is more likely to be a combination of genetic facts with the external factors which could include the rise in the pollution levels.
Like I already mentioned that the issue of autism is not new to mankind. The medication for the children those days normally started only after the age of 5 years. They were just considered as mute of deaf till then.
However, now the scientific breakthroughs and researches have established the wide range of symptoms and remedies for those symptoms. In spite of the fact that there is complete cure for the disorder as yet. We do know a lot of means to help the children cope up with the problem.